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Meet our coaches! Group training or personal work? Read, ask, inform!

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On this page you can find the introduction of our coaches. We know it’s not like face-to-face, but we hope it makes your decision easier. IF you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Balázs Demény

Personal and group trainer

In my trainings, I consider it important to learn the correct execution of exercises and to follow a consistent progression, thus preventing injuries and ensuring progress.

Kamilla Palásti-Kovács

Personal and group trainer

My goal is for you to enjoy and love training and make it your passion. Experience that movement motivates, turns you off and fills you with energy both physically and mentally.

Heni Kóti

Personal and group trainer

I look forward to seeing you if you too would like to stop complaining and finally want to do something to become the best version of yourself!

Anna Pittner

Personal trainer, Pre- and post-natal trainer

With my acquired knowledge, I would like to help all those who want to gain muscle and lose weight, but also those whose goal is to maintain their fitness.

Zsuzsanna Merkl

Spinning® instruktor

My principle is regularity, perseverance, I like to push my limits, I believe in the work I put in.

Szabolcs Alexa

Personal trainer

It’s important not to expect results by putting yourself halfway there, because that’s what it will be. Always do your best.

Denise Bódi

Personal and group trainer

During personal trainings, I create an individualized training plan, and I also make recommendations for the nutrition plan that fits the training plan and you.

Anita Pelczer

Procycling Instruktor

Indoor cycling has been a part of my life for about 8-10 years, but the big breakthrough came in 2022 when I completed my Procycling training.

Móni Sátor Kata

Group coach

Sport has played an important role in my life since childhood, already at the age of 14 I was a regular visitor to fitness centers.

Enikő Lakatos

Pilates instructor

I build up the workout structure based on the Pilates rules and that allows a progressive ad preventive way to move your body.