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Great Hall timetable

Join one of our groups!

Booking/cancellation with daily ticket

  • Our day ticket holders can book or cancel an appointment at the reception before the start of the class.
  • ONCE you know which classes you want to attend, you can book them in advance.

Booking/cancellation with season ticket

  1. Click Book/cancel if you would like to book an appointment for a group training session.
  2. The button will take you to OpTime, which manages the data of our registered guests and bookings.
  3. When logging in, enter your membership number (code consisting of letters and numbers on the back of your card) and password (123456 by default, change it after logging in for the first time), select your watch and you have already made a reservation.

Important information

  • ONLY registered guests with season tickets can register for group classes online.
  • IF an hour has passed, you will not be able to book.
  • IF you want to cancel your reservation, you can do so on the same interface in the timetable tab.
  • IF you wish to cancel your appointment, do so at least 4 hours before class starts. In case of cancellation within 4 hours, the occasion will be deducted from your pass.


Description of group lessons

Spine mix

Do you do sedentary work or just care about your posture?
Imagine an hour where your catnip and back are freed.

The spine mix is a real day-starting exercise with elements of spine training and dynamic yoga. We will stretch, strengthen and feel good: your spine, core muscles and joints will also be very grateful for it

If you do strength training, you don’t have to stay away either, as both the abdominal muscles and the supporting muscles get a pleasant load during the class. You can come as a beginner with peace of mind, I look forward to seeing you very warmly!

Cross Training

The class takes the form of an intense circuit training, where the whole body is worked. We start with dynamic warm-up and mobilization, then perform various exercises at pre-designed stations with various tools such as TRX, kettlebell, dumbbell, dial, ball, box, etc. My goal is for my guests to leave class smiling and recharged.

Dynamic yoga or we can call it FLOW yoga

In dynamic yoga, we do not hold out an asana for long, but move from breath to breath to the next posture. It develops strength and concentration, makes muscles flexible and helps reduce stress.

Women’s Yoga

A gift to your body. Permissive, effortless type of yoga. It takes into account female cyclical function and the exercise adjusts accordingly, helping to maintain the healthy functioning or regeneration of female organs. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and balances the hormonal system.

Functional training

The main purpose of the class is to move and refresh your body after a whole day of sedentary work. Dynamic stretches, coordination and body consciousness development, torso strengthening will be the main focus, but there will also be playful skill development and circuit training tasks. Finally, we end the workout with a stretch combined with relaxation to make sure you sleep well.


Do you want to train and have fun at the same time?
Would you like to lose weight?

If you want to spice up your cardio workouts with something unusual, choose interval classes: full-body aerobics-based cardio and strength training, where you don’t have to follow complicated choreographies!

Easy to follow, fun, sweaty: we work the muscles of the whole body during the lesson, where we do the exercises together. You can come as a beginner with peace of mind, I look forward to seeing you very warmly!

Body shaping

The aim of the BODY SHAPING CLASS is to improve the basic tone of the muscles, make them flexible and tight. In my class, we work through your entire muscles with whole-body strengthening exercises. My GOAL is to leave the room feeling tired, confident, cheerful and satisfied with yourself. Moving together for these two goals, I am waiting for you with good music and various instruments in my class!